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The mission of Organize Senior Moves is to provide our clients and their families the care, attentiveness and trust during the physical and emotional time while transitioning from one home to another. Our team stands by our service with compassion, integrity, and knowledge -- making this a stress free process.  We really do "Make moving easier!"


Each franchisee will support each client in achieving effortless and stress-free transition to a new home. The goal of the franchise company is to achieve nationwide penetration of the Organize Senior Moves system by selling franchises to qualified individuals who are aligned with the goals and objectives of the Organize Senior Moves Management team, and to lead those franchisees into the future with the appropriate perspective and vision.




America is getting older. The aging of the baby boomers is mentioned frequently as one of the most influential happenings in recent economic history. With this large population segment nearing the age of retirement, more and more companies have been gearing themselves towards the bustling and growing industry of senior services.


With a growing demand for the use of its services, the founder of Organize Senior Moves decided to expand their successful business model to others across the United States. Organize Senior Moves will achieve significant expansion through the implementation of a franchising model by securing key business partners who will facilitate national growth. The Organize Senior Moves point of difference is found in its systematic approach of building business systems that provide extremely high quality and customized services for seniors and their family members as they reach a point in their lives where they need an expert who can manage the process.


The services provided by the Organize Senior Moves franchisee will mimic those in the current business as performed by the OSM franchise and OSM staff.  Our service are dedicated to helping the elderly (ad their families) through what can be a very difficult time.  These may include the following list of moving services specifically tailored to the senior market segment:


  • Develop personalized floor plans for the new home

  • Organize and sort

  • Separate, downsize and help find items to donate, give away, and keep

  • Recommend moving companies, realtors and other sources for special services

  • Organize/Prep for an Estate Sale

  • Carefully pack all items for the new home

  • Stage the former home

  • Oversee the entire move

  • Unpack and arrange/set up all items in the new home, including electronics, kitchen, beds and baths

  • Hang pictures

  • Ensure that the client’s concerns are fully addressed and satisfied


Organize Senior Moves achieves a very strong return on investment in comparison to similar aging-in-place, senior services, and the franchise industry in general. With the implementation of a structured and systemized business model, the growth achieved by Organize Senior Moves has been significant and impressive. The model has been redefined and fine-tuned through years of experience.


Organize Senior Moves offers a high level of service and consistency delivered through its business model. The focus on the client is what places Organize Senior Moves in a unique market position that has room for significant growth.  Ensuring our clients’ satisfaction is always our top priority.




The corporate location in Albany, New York is based on years of diverse business experience by the founder of the company, Michelle Kavanaugh. Organize Senior Moves, LLC maintains a focus on the development of strong leadership personnel and a modular organization with departments and managers throughout the organization.


The goal of an Organize Senior Moves franchisee is to take care of the entire moving process, from beginning to end. Each Organize Senior Moves’ client can relax knowing their property will be taken care of, no matter the size of the task required. Each franchise unit offers fully nonintrusive and affordable services that address typical concerns when seniors are looking to make one of their last big moves.


The Organize Senior Moves franchise business will start out either as a home-based location or out of a small office location allowing for a lower initial investment in the business to get a franchisee started. The overhead and initial start-up costs will be low in order to make the business profitable in as short of a time period as possible. As the franchise business grows and new locations are added throughout the Northeast and other markets, personnel is brought on board and the office and business will be expanded to accommodate the people and staff (similar to the affiliate company in Albany).


The Bottom Line


The Organize Senior Moves franchise offers a complete training platform, both in your territory and at corporate. You can count on a manage team deeply rooted in customer service and full of passion for supporting you in being successful with your new business venture. The business model requires a low up-front investment for a home based business model with an enormous market opportunity and growing customer base in need of more help now than ever before. You will receive marketing support, business development, operational tools, hiring support and a team that is so dedicated to your success that you feel like you've inherited new family members!















Lori Traci in Saratoga Springs, NY

Franchise Owner  (Website)

With over 25 years of experience in Business Management & Interior Design, I am very passionate about excellent customer service. My greatest satisfaction and enjoyment is to provide every client with a wonderful transition experience before, during and after every move. As a certified Senior Moving Manager, my job truly amazes me every day being able to help others in a unique personal way with all our senior relocation services.


Best Skills:

Positive attitude, Team player and ability to empathize with others. I am a natural detailed organizer; my passion is design & space management along with completing every task well in a timely manner.


When I Am Not Working:

I love to relax and enjoy all that life can offer.



Pam Paciaroni in Charleston, SC

Franchise Owner  (Website)

I am originally from Massachusetts, but have lived in Charleston, SC for the past 20 years and definitely call it home! I can’t imagine living anywhere else. My background is in event planning/management, wedding directing/planning, catering management, and non-profit organizations.  I enjoyed what I was doing but, knew that I needed something more. For a long time, I have wanted to work with older adults in the senior community, and feel so fortunate to have found Organize Senior Moves.  The founder and her staff at the main office truly care about others, and I knew that I immediately wanted to be part of this passionate team. Organize Senior Moves is a perfect fit for me. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you are helping someone with an important event in their life.  Planning a special event is very much like planning a big move. Exciting, stressful, and crazy all wrapped in one. Let us help!


Best Skills:

Making others feel at ease, patience, meticulous attention to detail, design, organizational skills, and task orientated


When I am not working:

I love going out to dinner, going to the beach, working in my yard and walking “The Bridge”.



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