Organize Senior Moves makes every effort to meet all of our clients’ unique needs, covering each step of the move. Typical services include: creating a custom layout of your new home, downsizing, packing, unpacking/setting up. We can do just about anything that will make the move easier for you. Organize Senior Moves will prepare you sufficiently for your upcoming move.
In order for an easy transition, it’s important to not rush the process. The more time that you allow for work to be done, the less stress there will be. Organize Senior Moves will work closely with you to establish goals that can be attained within your timeline. Based upon the space available in the new home, decisions will be made in regards to what you would like to bring with you. Our clients enjoy having a “third party” helping them with this process.
You will pay the moving company directly on the day of the move. We will communicate with them before the move, confirming all of the necessary details.
We will provide you with an inventory sheet to keep track of donations you make, as well as receipts for any items we donate for you.
Only if it is absolutely necessary. If you have a large number of items that will not be accompanying you to your new home, you may want to consider renting a storage unit. (Please keep in mind that storage space at most senior communities is about the size of a small closet.) Similarly, if there is an abundance of items to be disposed of, it is advisable that you rent a dumpster.
Organize Senior Moves provides a 1-hour complimentary, no-obligation consultation.
Depending on the amount of items going to the new home, our experienced team can complete a pack and move in one day.
The Organize Senior Moves’ team welcomes the assistance of family members, and looks forward to working with them. We believe that communication between all involved parties is essential, providing everyone with up to date information about each stage of the move. Organize Senior Moves strives to meet everyone’s expectations.
We will provide you with names of trusted antique dealers and estate sale companies.
During the complimentary consultation you will be provided with a price list for our services. A number of factors will affect your final cost. The largest portion of your final cost will come from the number of times our team works with you as well as the amount of items that are being packed/unpacked for the new home. Upon request, we can provide you with subtotals of our work.